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Sunday, March 12

must see local movies for 2006!!!!

Filem tempatan sekarang semakin berubah....semakin mendapat perhatian dari luar mahupun dalam...:p leo rase dunia filem Malaysia semakin maju...ini kerana rakyat semakin kreatif dan menghasilkan sesuatu yang berhasil...:P antara filem Malaysia yang akan menaikkan nama Malaysia :

leo taksabar2 melihat ketiga2 filem ini...ingin mengetahui sejauh mana jalan ceritanya :P

Thursday, March 9

Tsubasa Reservoir, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

In the mythical kingdom of Clow, the story starts off with our main protagonist Shaoran, a brilliant but romantically clueless teenager and his childhood friend, Princess Sakura whom has adequate trouble trying to find the right timing to confess her feelings. Unfortunately, on one fateful day as Shaoran was working on an archeological excavation, he stumbles upon a mysterious symbol of an unknown origin. Sakura, as if drawn to it unconsciously, enters and activates the symbol which robs her of her memories, leaving only a lifeless shell in Shaorans arms. In an attempt to save his Princess Sakura, Shaoran meets with the Witch of Dimensions. There he learns that in order to save his childhood friend, he would have to travel though parallel worlds and recover her scattered memories. However, he is not alone in this dangerous mission. Joined by the mysterious wizard Fye and the short tempered ninja Kurogane, their dangerous journey across parallel worlds has just begun... Based off of Clamp's previous works, Tsubasa : Reservoir Chronicle melds the worlds and characters of seemingly diverse backgrounds into one intricate and exciting story.Is is very nice story anime.Try it geng..u all can download at...from episod 1-26 ...

Wednesday, March 8

Geng jom pi ramai....terutama budak2 MMu....transport disedia...daftar kat sentral plaza k.. :P
Segala butir lebih mendalam...di... http//